Private Well Inspections — Backed by 3-Month Warranty

Private water wells can be surprisingly complex systems and need to be maintained and just like any other complex or underground system, they can be expensive to repair or replace. Well Inspection Service Description and Protocol includes: a 1 to 2-hour pump flow test measuring water flow every 15-to-30 minutes, monitoring pump current flow (amperage) during the flow test; test Pressure Tank Pre-Charge, and visually inspect pressure tank, pressure gauge, pressure switch, control box, and well cap or seal.

My private well inspections are backed by a 3-month warranty from WelGard. See the documents below for more information:

Private Well Inspections in North & Central Indiana Areas and Surrounding Areas

The Way Professional Services provides private well inspections in North and Central Indiana areas. Not sure if that's you? Give me a call at (765) 414-2361 or send me an email.

Have your private well professionally inspected and covered under a 3-month warranty. Schedule now or give me a call at (765) 414-2361.